General information

Company name or trademark in such a form in which it is written in the logo.

If the name will be written in multiple languages, you will list all spellings.

Contact information: name, position of the contact person, e-mail, mobile phone.

Planned duration of the project (start of work, presentation of the project).

About the product / brand / service

What is the scope of activity and specificity of your company's business?

Are there any stereotypes related to your field of activity?

The geographic distribution of the product / brand / service your company.

Unique benefits of the product / brand / service your company.

Which price range include your product / brand / service (below or above average)?

The approximate ratio of men and women working in your company.

Statement of problem

What marketing and branding goals are before the project?

Describe your psychological portrait of the consumer: gender, age, education level, interests and hobbies.

Please list your competitors. Note their positive and negative sides.

What kind of planned advertising campaigns: aggressive or friendly, emotional or rational, serious or funny?

What is your planned budget of the project? Is there a possibility to make a 50% advance payment?

Project content

What type of logo for your company or brand the most appropriate:
original graphic style name, trade mark, combination of the name and mark?

Write a slogan of the company, if he will be present in the logo.

Specify the number of people who will make a decision regarding the approval of the project.

Are there any limitations that should be considered when developing the project?

List of advertising and information materials, where the logo will be used.

Definition of visual style

What form can associate your company logo (square, circle, triangle)?

You can estimate your logo as symmetrical or asymmetrical?

The style of your logo: strict, stamp, youth, elegant, holiday, sports.

Please rate the emotional feeling of your company logo.
Specify multiple definitions (for example, simple or complex, fast or slow).

Please list examples of logos that you like. Than they attract you?

Please list examples of logos that you do not like. Than they repel you?

Specify all the things that may further clarify the task of logo design.

Your name

Email address