General Information

Full company name in Russian and English languages, the domain name of the site.

Contact information: name, title of contact person, e-mail, mobile phone.

Planned duration of the project (choice of contractor, the start of work, the publication of the draft).

About the product / brand / service

What is the scope of activity and specificity of your company's business?

Describe the product / brand / service for which the site is created.

Geography product / brand / services for which the site is created.

Unique advantages of product / brand / services for which the site is created.

Statement of problem

What marketing and branding objectives of the project are facing?

Describe existing site problems requiring solutions.

Site target audience groups. Describe the characteristics of visitors to the site.

List your direct and indirect competitors, preferably with a website address. Assess their sites.

What is the estimated budget of the project? Is it possible to make 50% advance payment?

Project content

List the main points of the navigation menu of the site (pre-structure).

Describe the key services of a site, catalogs, news feeds, and other application forms.

Possible vote frequency of updating information on the site, each section separately.

What are the current limitations to develop the site:
load on attendance, development platform, system administration?

Assumed if the publication of foreign versions of the site?

Needed if mobile version or adaptation for mobile devices?

Definition of visual style

Do you have your company logo, corporate identity? If not, whether you want to develop?

List some websites that you like, regardless of their orientation and subject matter.

List some websites that you do not like, regardless of their orientation and subject matter.

Describe the future site several adjectives (eg, modern, comfortable).
Also specify how it should not be (eg, bright, pathetic). Specify at least 5 determinations.

If you submit your website as a person, who would it be? Describe gender, age, status, hobbies and interests.

Indicate all that may further clarify the task of developing the site.

Your name

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